10-Pack Enfain 16GB USB 2.0 Flash Memory Stick Swivel Thumb Drives for Universal Data Storage at Home & The Office (Black)

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Product Description

Enfain, a leader in multi-pack flash storage, offers a range of products with various capacities and colors to meet the needs of consumers. We strive to provide the best product for you, so we are constantly upgrading and refining our design.

About Enfain Swivel USB Flash Drives

INTERFACE USB 2.0, backwards compatible to USB 1.1 CASING MATERIALS Aluminum and plastic WEIGHT 9 grams/ unit; 140 grams/10 pack OPERATING SYSTEM Windows XP/ 2000/ Vista/ 7/ 8/ 8.1/ 10/ NT Linus/ MAC OS 10.4 and Higher OPERATING TEMPERATURES 32º F to 140º F (0º C to 60º C) STORAGE TEMPERATURES -4º F to 185º F (-20º C to 85º C) CHIP Grade A, original brand flash memory chip 8-64GB SPEED Write 6MB/S-8MB/S; Read 15MB/S-18MB/S. 128MB-4GB SPEED Write 4MB/S-6MB/S; Read 12MB/S-15MB/S. 4-32GB DEFAULT FORMAT FAT32 (could be formatted to FAT | exFAT | NTFS ) 128MB-2GB DEFAULT FORMAT FAT DURABILITY 50,000 times read & write

Enfain flash drives 10 pack blackEnfain flash drives 10 pack black


10 x USB drives (black x 10)12 x labels1 x InstructionsStorage Freedom Keep & Handout

Endurable & Portable Design Thumb Drives Pack

swivel USB blackswivel USB black

USB with lanyard loopUSB with lanyard loop

USB with light indicatorUSB with light indicator

black flash driveblack flash drive

Low-Profile Data Pal

Capacity shown on cap and USB connectorFlat surface for label


“See” the capacityNever to lose the cap

With lanyard hole

On the top of the capIntegrated with capLanyards sold separately


Easy to be attachedEasy spotted with a lanyard

USB light up

Red when connectedBlinking when transferringVisible light by the END


Indication of statusNot shining

Gift Box Package

Window BoxCapacity and Color seen from box outside


Easy to useNice for gifts

Which Capacity Of Jump Drives For Your Need? Please Choose The Right Size Pack.

storage chart by enfainstorage chart by enfain

FAQ on USB Memory Stick Drives

1. Disk Drive and Flash Memory Card Manufacturers commonly define a MB as one million bytes (exactly 1,000,000 bytes) and a GB as one billion bytes (exactly 1,000,000,000 bytes). Operating Systems define 1GB as 1,073,741,824 Bytes.

Note: Some capacity is used for formatting and other functions and thus not available for data storage.

2. LED light. All of Enfain swivel USB present with LED light. For black USB and blue USB, the LED light is low-profile, not flashing from sides, but the light is visible from the little hole in the end.

industries using Usb flash drivesindustries using Usb flash drives

Color options
10 Colors options 10 Colors Mix Only Black Available 11 Color options 10 Colors Mix 5 Colors Mix

Capacity options
128MB-32GB 128MB-32GB 128MB |4GB|16GB 128MB-64GB 1GB-32GB

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Great Value Package: This package includes 10 16 GB thumb drives totaling 160 GB of capacity, plus 12 appropriate size labels for a great cost performance.
Plug & Use: These jump drives are compatible with Windows 10/ 8/ 7/ Vista/ XP/ 2000/ 98/ ME/ NT Linux/ Mac OS and USB 2.0 (backwards compatible with USB 1.1).
Twist Turn & Durable Built: With a 360° rotating aluminum cover protecting the USB port and an eyelet hole on the end, these pen drives are durable and easily attachable.
Special Window Design Box: A clear window design box lets you see inside the package, adding a creative and attractive touch.


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