64GB Digital Voice Recorder – 3072Kbps, XIXITPY Voice Activated Recorder with PCM Noise Reduction for Lectures Meetings Classes, Audio Recorder for Portable MP3 Playback


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Product Description

“Just restore sound” – with XIXITPY VOICE RECORDER

voice recordervoice recorder

Perfect for daily life, meetings, interviews…

✔ Are you helpless when can’t keep up with the speaker?

✔ Are you frustrated by losing vital course or meeting recordings?

✔ Are you berserk for other recorders run out of memory quickly?

✔ Are traditional voice recorders heavy and hard to carry around?

NOW! XIXITPY provide you with the perfect solution !!!

audio recorderaudio recorder

battery timebattery time Bitrate & Estimated Battery Life Battery time depends on the bitrate and the recording environment. The higher the bit rate, the more power and memory consumption

Why choose XIXITPY Recorder?

3072 Kbps high sound quality375 Hours recording capacity64 GB large memoryFull charge: 1.5 hours4 IN 1: Recorder, Writing, MP3, USBUser-friendly design: One-button recording/savingDrop-resistant: High-quality zinc alloy materialRecording format: WAV (ONLY)Format support: WAV/MP3/OGG/FLAC/APE/WMACompatible with Android/Windows/Mac( Not iPhone!)
✔ Due to the time lag, please connect it to computer to set time after receiving it Windows User: [USB DISK] >> [Settime] >> [SetDigitRecorderTm] Mac OS User: [RECSET] >> [Time:] (Please refer to the manual – CATALOG 4.2) ✔ For the sake of battery health, please fully charge when using it for the first time or when not used for a long time

digital voice recorderdigital voice recorder

Recording files are named after the recording timeRecording files are named after the recording time

low battery auto savelow battery auto save

Press it, the blue light is always on for 4-5 s, to the red light flashes 3 times, start your recording journey

The rcording file named by the recording date-time. Browsing audio becomes as easy as breathing

When the power runs out, it will auto save the recording. No need to worry about losing recording

Compatible with Android phones/PCCompatible with Android phones/PC

DSP intelligent noise reduction chipDSP intelligent noise reduction chip

How to replace the refillHow to replace the refill

Browse/play/delete/rename recording files on Android/Windows/MacSet time, voice activation…on Windows/Mac PCNot compatible with iPhone

DSP intelligent noise reductionAvoid noise: When recording, please write gently or place it smoothly to avoid noise from friction with clothes, etc

Twist to openUse the included screwdriver to remove the old refill and replace it with a new oneTwist it back on

Compact | Portable | Wide Application

Wide applicabilityWide applicability

Hi, friends! Please notice:

✔Please gently pull out the data cable from the micro-usb port to ensure the stability of the interface

✔Recording for a while, if the top button may not respond (*Not button malfunction) due to a long period of no external force

Solution: Gently pull out the top button to save recording(Please pull the button gently to avoid falling or losing the parts)

✔How to play recordings on Windows & Mac OS?

[USB DISK] >> [RECORD]. Find the recording file and play it directly

how to use XIXITPY Voice Recorderhow to use XIXITPY Voice Recorder


Q1: If computer/Android phone doesn’t recognize it?

(1) Turn off the recorder, and then connect to the computer, during which please place it smoothly and do not press any buttons

(2) Some data cables only support charging, please use the original or support data-transfer data cable

(3) Some phones need to open the OTG function first in order to connect successfully

(4) Reset the recorder (Factory settings will not be restored! But the time will be reset! No data will be deleted!). Please poke the reset button near the Micro-USB port

(5) Restart the computer and recorder. Or replace the type-c/micro-usb adapter or computer port

(6) Delete the device and reconnect PC again: Windows: Click “USB Disk Identifier” at the bottom right corner of the desktop – [Open Devices and Printers] – [Devices] – right click [HS USB FlashDisk] – [Delete Device]

Q2:Is there an indicator light when recording?

No indicator light

Q3: Who is it suitable as a gift for?

Perfect for businessmen, lawyers, journalists, teachers ect. It will become a reliable companion in their daily life/work

🔊【64GB Large Memory & Long-lasting Battery】Despite its petite size, it has a large memory of 64GB and can store up to 375 hours of recording files. The built-in high-performance lithium-ion battery, 2 hours fully charged, can continuous recording 14 hours at 384kbps; but only 4.5 hours at 3072kbps!🔹🔹The higher kbps, the more power and memory it consumes
🎶【VOR Voice Activation Mode】Still struggling with how to pick up useful sounds from a large number of recording blanks? With voice activation on, the audio recorder will automatically start recording when picks up a sound of 40 dB or higher, and pause recording around 40 dB below. (🔹VOR factory default off, please refer to the manual to turn on)
🔊【One Touch Recording & Earphones Listening】Quick recording/saving at a top button. The voice recorder is equipped with an in-line control and earphones for basic operations such as play/volume, as well as a long press on the previous/next track button for fast rewind/fast forward. Of course you can also view/play/delete audio or settings on Windows & Mac & Android device
🔥【Easy to Carry & Warm Service】The compact and portable recorder with clip can be secured in a suit pocket, jacket or notebook. In addition, the smooth writing function allows the user to write while recording meetings, classes or interviews. 🎁Ideal for businessmen, lawyers, teachers, journalists ect. XIXITPY supports a 24-month free warranty and 24-hour consulting service for a satisfying experience
🖊️【What’s in the Box?】In the box: recorder * 1, headphones * 1, replacement refills * 5, refill replacement tool * 1, OTG-adapter * 2, data cable * 1, instruction manual * 1

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