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FakeTV LifestyleFakeTV Lifestyle

Have you ever notice the flickering glow shining from your neighbor’s windows when they are watching TV? Burglars notice this too, so they know to move on to another target. FakeTV simulates the light output of a television, making it look like someone is home watching TV. The light effects of real television programming — scene changes, fades, flicks, swells, and more — are all faithfully simulated by FakeTV. Much like our FTV-10 and FTV-11, the FakeTV model FTV-7 makes light like a television does. The FTV-7 simulates the light output of a 27″ HDTV, just like our FTV-10, but it is a little smaller in size and made for our budget conscience customers. In addition, the FTV-7 has one timer setting: Dusk +5 hours.

Simulates the light output of a 27″ HDTVBuilt-In light sensor and timerUses the same amount of power as a nightlight7 Super bright LED’s with polished whit reflectorComes with instructions and US style AC adaptor

FakeTV’s built-in computer controls 7 super-bright LEDs that fill a room with light. It accurately simulates scene changes, fades, and on-screen motion, in thousand of possible shades of color, just like real television. A built-in light sensor turns FakeTV on at dusk and turns it off after 5 hours The dynamic light from FakeTV conveys the impression of “alive” in a way that a light on a timer cannot. Consumes just the power of a night light. AC adapter included.

FakeTV WindowFakeTV Window

FakeTV PlainFakeTV Plain

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Low Power

FakeTV uses the same amount of power as a nightlight, so you can run it night after night without running up the electric bill.

Long Lasting

The LED’s in FakeTV can last over 20 years, even when used every night! The LED’s do not need replacing.

Simple Operation

Plug in FakeTV and set the switch to Dusk +5 hours. The device will turn on at night, every night. Want it on at different times? Simply switch it to the ON position and plug it into a timer.

FakeTV on TableFakeTV on Table

Simple Security Solution

Burglars do not like occupied houses; why risk getting caught. When they see that flickering glow, they know someone is inside watching TV. FakeTV is a simple DIY security device that gives the impression that someone is home and they are watching television right now. Burglars will not be able to distinguish FakeTV from a real TV.

There is nothing to install– no drilling or wiring needed. It works great in conjunction with a whole home security system. Whole home security systems are great, we use them ourselves, but they don’t prevent the smash and grab type break-ins where the burglar is in and out before the police are even notified. FakeTV helps prevent this by alerting the the burglar that someone is inside.

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Hydreon Corporation

Experts in optics and high volume manufacturing, Hydreon Corporation teamed up with author and inventor Blaine Readler to further develop his invention for a television simulator. Hydreon studied the flickering glow in detail, gathering much data with sophisticated instruments about the intensity and color variations emanating from a real television. Engineers wrote computer programs to simulate the effects produced by TV programming. The FakeTV is the fruit of this hard work and ingenuity.

Simulates the light of a 27 inch LCD HDTV
Simple One switch operation
Makes home look occupied – Deters Burglars
Consumes just the power of a night-light, AC Adapter included

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