PXN X8 Arcade Stick Fight Stick Controller Joystick Green Axis Mechanical Buttons USB Wired Connection For PS4/PS3/xbox one/xbox Series X/S/PC/N-Switch


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PXN X8 Arcade Fight Stick Joystick Keyboard control Fighting boxTrue Fighting Real Play Keyboard Control, Plug and playMechanical Buttons I Support multi-platform I Burst functionNOTE PXN-X8 Does not support MAC Apple system desktop computers and notebooks / does not support XBOX ONE first generation host machine / PS5 XBOX 360


Support to play multiple platformsSupport XBOX S/X/ XBOX Scries S/X / Nintendo Switch /PS4 / PS3 / Android device PC Computer(windows 7/8/10)


TURBO function setting (burst)1. The buttons that can set the TURBO function are: A, B, X, Y, LB, RB, LT, RT2. TURBO setting: Press and hold the TURBO button + the button that needs to set the TURBO at the same time, the LED flashes.3. TURBO clear: Press and hold the TURBO key + the TURBO function key that has been set at the same time, the LED goes out. Audio functionIt can be used in PS4, XBOX One/series consoles to achieve two-way voice function, and voice interaction in the game,


1. Use with PC computer, can realize plug and play, direct connection.2. When the PS4 /XBOX S/X/XBOX series X/S original handle is turned off, connect the USB data cable to the handle guide port of the joystick to conduct a guide connection3. To connect to the Nintendo switch host, you need to configure a type-c OTG (you need to purchase the configuration yourself) or it can be directly connected to the switch base.


Compatible with most games on the market, such as “Street Boxing King”, “Mortal Kombat”, “Tekken 6”, “Tekken 7”, “Samurai”, “Fighting Field” and other games on the market.Product specificationsProduct model: PXN-X8Connection method: USB wired, the cable length is about 2 metersPacking size: 347X255X105mmProduct size: 335X230X48mmProduct weight: 1085g




Upgrade keyboard direction keysKeyboard direction keys replace the traditional rocker,It’s easier to get to, point to more accurate, and you will kill the boxing.

DP (Cross button) / LS (left rocker) Features a key to switch, meet different Game needs.One- click Turbo button,Support setting up a combo function, experience A hair attack and easily defeat your opponent.

Qingxiao machinePersistence and durability,instant, crispy knocking and paragraph2.0 Millimeter Trigger the itinerary /70 Gram pressing pressure/5000 10,000 times Button life

2. 【Keyboard Control】 PXN-X8 uses 8-way joysticks and 4 direction keyboard control, plug-and-play, keyboard direction keys to replace traditional rockers, easier, point to more accurate, even to kill boxing In place, help you easily ko your opponent, let you enjoy the joy of the game
3. 【Turbo function】 Turbo (continuous strike function): Help you quickly attack your opponent, macro (macro) can set a combination button, let you release a key to the skill combination, experience the link attack, and easily defeat your opponent.
4.【[Mechanical buttons】 PXN-X8 uses a green shaft machinery buttons, lasting durable, instantaneous hair, crispy knocking sound and paragraph triggering schedule 2.0 mm / pressing pressure 70 g / button life 50 million + times, configuration 3.5 MM audio hole, let you enjoy the joy of game business,
5.【Street Art Combination】 PXN-X8 panel adopts street color painted injector art design, the color contrast is obvious, with very high artistic, show super artistic taste, combination of street art and arcade rocker, perfect interpretation The design concept of the product combined, the product brings a very high visual experience, breaking the routine, adding the fun of the game.


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